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I am a storyteller. Whether you find yourself on a hike into the mountains, hanging out on a front porch or a long bus ride in the 3rd world, you will at some point find me employing a tradition of more ancient men. I have yet to create art on walls of desert sandstone. Instead I write light to silver & silicon and scrawl words on paper. James Joyce believed in telling of the universal through the particular as he did in his masterpiece about a single day in Dublin. Henri Cartier Bresson was known for capturing a single moment in time, Joan Miró for using light and form in a surreal manner far from the the bourgeois pinnings of art. Hemingway believed it takes a lifetime rich in experience and most importantly dedication to develop ones craft. Such masters can guide us in our own pursuits as we build our own craft, our own vision.

These may be my words & photos yet is my hope they are not my stories but yours also, that they have struck a deeper chord within you as they did me and that some of these moments are universal. I feel that in photography the trick is to see through the wide open eyes of a 12 year old yet at the same time speak with the experience of a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Who What Where and Why of WildLight

  1. Hey Jon!
    So bizarre..my brother, Devon (who you met up at harlow and gina’s) sent me the link to your project to check out- (someday I plan on riding my bicycle down the same road towards tierra del fuego!). Gorgeous photos. and GREAT old subi! I am quite fond of beater cars (drove a few up and down the al-can, one of which I had to roll-start all the way from haines to talkeetna! looong story!).
    Anyway, I noticed a photo of Jen Smola in there and had to write a quick note just to forge the story of HOW SMALL this state really is- I barely know Jen- she was dating a guy a taught skiing with in Girdwood last winter, but she is one of those people that keep popping up in life (ya know what I mean?) They crashed once at my cabin (next to Harlow and Gina’s) while she was marooned at the airport one snowy night, and I recently ran into her serendipitously in Juneau in a coffee shop, and now here she is on this random website! Love the chance connections between people, which seem so much more pronounced in this state than anywhere else I’ve traveled.
    Anyway, safe journeys to you! If you ever need an excuse to come out to Koyuk (east of Nome along the Iditarod Trail), my path has led me here for a while, starting an arts and music program in the school here. Beautiful village right at the confluence of the Koyuk River and Norton Sound- blood red tundra and THOUSANDS of cranes migrating past overhead each day, rambunctious but fabulous kids, great community.
    Good luck to you, keep chasing the light!

    • That’s so awesome!! I hope to meet up with Devon further south somewhere :D I just called Jen as we’re in TOk for a bit figuring out what to do since we just learned they’ve closed the Top of the World highway for the season. Either way we’re headed to Whitehorse and will hopefully still be headed to the Arctic of the Yukon & Inuvik. Will chat more when i have a chance- Jen is gonna contact you from here too :D

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