Around the Sun Once More

NiƱo en el Desierto


While life was marked primarily by struggle in 2010, 11 was a mixed bag with a growing flip side. I spent time in 8 or 9 countries this past year, about half of what I had expected yet not a terrible beginning to some wandering. Wandering is at times necessary when the route has been lost. I will not search for eloquence as F. Scott Fitzgeralald described the sentiment best in THE DIAMOND AS BIG AS THE RITZ.

“Under the stars,” she repeated. “I never noticed the stars before. I always thought of them as great big diamonds that belonged to some one. Now they frighten me. They make me feel that it was all a dream, all my youth.”

“It was a dream,” said John quietly. “Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.”

“How pleasant then to be insane!”

“So I’m told,” said John gloomily. “I don’t know any longer …”

May your 2012 be bright & sunny, may you experience childlike smiles and laughter as we sit back from our perch and watch the stars spin. May you retain or reclaim that most cherished form of chemical madness.

The Illusionary Romance of Dirtbaggery

Maybe it creeps up on you over time. Maybe some things were never very enjoyable. Maybe it’s like everything in life that with the good there also comes a flip side. Under the sunny side of dirtbaggery there is a less glamorous side. Today that less sunny side appeared from ground level staring up at the undercarriage of the primary subject of this blog. They say this is the first step towards decline, sacrificing freedom for convenience, comfort. Now I’m not worried about becoming a yuppie tomorrow but someday it would be nice to own a car to be driven rather than worked on. Earlier today it seemed like a nice idea to be doing something more enjoyable on a Monday afternoon than laying on 20 degree F concrete under a car. Yet if the choice were between cold concrete and an office, well you can see the choice I’ve been making. Fluorescent lighting isn’t for me. Soon the annoying trip preparations will be done and ready or not the trusty ’83 Subaru i paid exactly Zero dollars for will be Panama bound! Sacrifices with such rewards are tough to argue. Who needs romance in all of life’s details if the outcome involves chasing a dream almost dead?

Welcome to the WildLight Blog, the first era will be devoted to Subaru Diaries, an exploration of Latin America. These days are about trip preparations. Several nights ago snowflakes were back lit brilliantly with work lights as an alternator made its way out of the car and new brake pads were installed. Winter means little light and less than toasty temps. I’m not a huge fan of winter to begin with. Days grow short and thermometers plummet. I’ve grown to dislike working on cars over the years and working on them in the winter is now simply a necessary evil.

Well, here it is. I’m stepping into the latter 90′s now. 10 years from now I may even have a smart phone to go along with this major advance. I’ll close with a wordpress suggestion: Hello World!!