Jonathan Jantz has spent much of his life based in Washington State. It was there he spent summers that seemed to last forever on his grandparent's farm. It was there he went backpacking as a child with his father. And it was to there his ancestors came as explorers and pioneers.

Growing up he wanted to be a farmer. Being outdoors and working hard was appealing. He pursued mechanics while in high school amd continues to have a penchant for building and customizing his transportation, whether it be shoes, backpack, bike, motorcycle or vehicle. He attended the University of Washington in Seattle. Being one of those kids who was known to be "good at math" he was propelled toward the science world. From forestry, mathematics focused his eyes on the wonders of natural world physics. He jumped into Electromagnetics, Optics & Photonics and found uncharted waters.

During his stay at the University of Washington many of his major passions morphed into a more singular pursuit. The joy of being in the mountains found a compliment in the climbing world. Exploring wild places simply became a way of life. The key piece of the puzzle coming together to yield what you see here simply involved picking up a camera. The natural world continues to dazzle. Light continues to paint an everchanging canvas. And a little boy runs around exploring, eyes opened wide with wonder.