Wildlight, a journey through wild landscapes, painted with a palette of light, builder of what we call color, intertwining to build a vision of the world. Countless untold stories await a storyteller. Here people and places with no voice can be heard. Come visit regularly as some journeys have no end.

Humans have explored the poles, the seas and many high peaks of the world. But wild places, although shrinking, persist on our planet, forgotten by time, left alone in splendour or marked with tragedy and turmoil. The pampas of Patagonia dotted with pumas, guanacos, and estancias, a lone climber above a sea of glaciers, a man's eyes pleading for food, a pack of coyotes yelping their song in chase, a mother's worried stance, a fire long past in an alien boreal forest of the North Country, the toil, love and struggle written on a farmer's face, pounding waves of a seemingly infinite sea, a dog and child living together in a world of wonder. Wild, hidden from the glance of most, painted with an ever changing brush. This is Wildlight.

All material and images Copyright© Jonathan Jantz / Wildlight Photography